6 Sessions over 3 months via
GOLDZONE’S Interactive Digital Classroom
Starting June 8, 2017

We created this advanced group coaching program to support couples to untangle from the power, sex, and money dynamics in their relationships.

By participating with a small group, you are able to observe other people’s patterns and therefore get a different perspective on your own dynamics. It is often much easier to see what is going on with others than it is to see oneself!

By sharing openly, you enable other couples who may have experienced and even resolved the same or similar issues to share and support you to make changes much quicker than you would on your own.

Couples Only

Limited to 5 couples, each person has ample opportunity to interact, receive specific actionable coaching and to leverage everyone else’s experiences.

You Save 72% of the cost!

Participating in this small group saves both time and money, with the group dynamic leading to a saving of approximately 72% of what you would pay to do this alone (as a couple).

Join us on a journey to extraordinary love, romance, freedom, connection, intimacy and pure magic.

My greatest wish… is for you to make your relationship a work of art.

Andrew John Harrison


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